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A well drilled through a "confining layer" such as clay, which due to hydraulic head pressures rise up the well casing with great pressure to an elevation at the static level of the tapped confined aquifer. The natural filtration of the confining beds provide a protective shield from potential contamination.  Artesian water is of superior quality to other forms of water.  Virginia’s Best is tapped into a confined aquifer over 400 feet below the earth’s surface.  An abundant supply of artesian water that flows through a completely sealed delivery system, free of human contact, and is never exposed to the environment.



Artesian well“Artesian” comes from the name of the town of Artois, France (which was called Artesium by the Romans).  During the Middle Ages, the artesian wells drilled here were well known. The first artesian well in Europe was dug in 1126 by Carthusian monks (i.e., of the Chartreuse order) at their convent in Lillers.  It was drilled not by a rotating drill, but by pounding the drill down in to force a hole that was just a few inches wide.  The Chinese, though, were making artesian wells hundreds of years B.C. 


Artesian water is fortified with natural minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, and fluoride) that are not found in any other types of harvested water.


Silver Winner in the 2012 Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Contest

You might think that all bottled water is the same, but Virginia's Best is pure and natural. We pass all government standards of bottled water before any extra filtering, uv, or ozonating is done. Our water is emerged from deep beneath the surface of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Our water is first cleansed by nature and is then micro-filtered, UV filtered and ozonated. It is a natural source of calcium, with trace minerals of iron and potassium, bottled at the source. These minerals are very important to maintain good health!



Advertising that truly quenches your thirst!

Virginia's Best Logo Bottle water offers you an alternative to traditional advertising media and marketing resources. Now you can put your logo and your message on the label of our finest quality bottled water to maximize your marketing dollars, make an impact, and expand your range to get your message directly into the hands of your prospects!

Check-off List for Custom Labels

If you're designing your own custom label, don't forget to specify these important details:

  • Address, Phone #, E-mail
  • Special Promotions/Events
  • Colors
  • Slogan
  • Coupons
  • Web address
  • Logos, Pictures
  • Products/Services
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With Virginia's Best Logo Bottle water, you won't have to spend substantial amounts of your advertising budget on television spots and newspaper ads, like most companies. You can reach potential clients without the high costs of traditional media coverage with minimal setup costs.

Everyone knows that reaching your target audience is tough. And in most traditional marketing plans, too many of your dollars are wasted when your message goes to individuals who aren't even prospects of yours. But with Virginia's Best Logo Bottled Water, your message gets directly to your target. Since your bottles are going into the hands of your prospects or your customers, there is little waste and lots of repeated exposures — all your dollars work towards reaching your marketing goals. You will be amazed at the high quality of our custom printed label with your personal logo and message, and even photos.

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Marketing Ideas

We work with companies to develop applications for custom labeled water bottles in many different scenarios. Ask us about image advertising, bounce back coupons, special occasions, trade shows, corporate sponsorships, sporting events, collectibles, retail applications, employee incentives, and fund-raisers that can fit together with your existing strategies.

  • Serve a custom labeled bottle of Virginia's Best at your restaurant with a valuable coupon for a discounted appetizer on their next visit. Or, feature a "recipe of the month" to promote the restaurant's own cookbook.
  • Stock this product instead of, or in addition to, other bottled waters in your retail store. When your customers grab a quick drink from a POP display, they can grab a custom labeled bottle and find a coupon for a discount on their next purchase.
  • Trade show vendors use this product as a desirable giveaway, drawing traffic to their booth and increasing their presence among attendees as the bottles circulate throughout the event.
  • Promoters of special events stock custom water that will sell quickly during the event. Some events even use this as a collectible item and charge a premium price. Use a label with schedules and information on sporting events, concerts, cultural events, community festivals, and more.
  • Hosting a special occasion? We can customize bottles to serve to guests and use as "party favors". Great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.
  • Put your message on a bottle of Virginia's Best for recognition of donations and sponsorships for special events. Then offer these for sale at concession booths.
  • Schools, churches, and other organizations can offer custom labeled bottles for sale to their families and supporters at a price point that offers a nice return on their efforts.
  • Selling your private label bottled water at cost is a great way to get FREE advertising!

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Why You Should Drink More Water

Virginia's Best Water picture

  • Water transports nutrients and oxygen to the entire body. It moistens oxygen for breathing. It protects and cushions our vital organs and joints. It is crucial in converting food into energy. It helps the body absorb nutrients and removes wastes.
  • Start and end your day with water. Adults lose nearly 6 pints (about 12 cups) of water per day; we even lose water while we are sleeping!
  • Water is a major factor in weight loss. It helps suppress your appetite and metabolizes stored fat. One glass of water stopped midnight hunger pains for almost 100% of dieters reviewed in a University of Washington study.
  • Next to oxygen, water is your body's most important nutrient. Drinking only 5 glasses per day can reduce your risk of colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 79%, and bladder cancer by 50%. It will also decrease urinary infections and kidney stones.
  • Water will keep your skin moist, boost energy levels, ease headaches, reduce back joint pain, and fight infections.
  • Dehydration leads to excess body fat, poor muscle tone and size, decreased digestive efficiency and organ function, joint and muscle soreness, dizziness, headaches, and water retention. Mild dehydration can slow your metabolism up to 3%.
  • Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink water, by then your body has probably already lost two or more cups of your total body water.
  • 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. The Human Body is made up of 60% water; your brain alone is made up of 75%.
  • During normal activity levels, your body loses between 2-3 cups of water in perspiration. But during an hour of vigorous exercise, you sweat out approximately a quart of water.
  • Virginia's Best is healthy for you! It contains a natural source of calcium with trace minerals of iron and potassium.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can a label be created?

It depends on the artwork that’s supplied to us. If we need to completely design the label, allow 5-7 business days for a proof.

Once the artwork is developed, what’s the turnaround time needed to place an order? The answer is different for different size orders—ranging from 7 days for a small 15 case order, up to 14 days for a larger order.

Can I put a photo on the label? What is the size of the label?

Yes, you can put any color picture on the label. The labels are 2 � inches wide by 7 � inches long.

How many labels do I have to buy?

There is no extra labels required to buy & you can also change the label graphics at no charge.

Can I put my own logo or graphics on the label?

Yes. You may e-mail any of your graphics or logos to your sales representative in any of the following file formats: BMP, PLX, TIF, or JPEG. Your graphic will be of best quality if it is in a TIF or BMP file format. We also prefer that the graphic be 600 DPI as it produces a much clearer picture.

What if I have no graphic capabilities?

No problem! Our graphics department can create beautiful labels that will meet your needs. We can design something that’s as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

What is the cost of the bottled water?

Prices are based on quantities and delivery or pick-up.
Contact our Sales Office for more details.
800-723-6637 ext. 2

What is the cost of developing a label?

This is a one-time fee of $60.00, unless significant changes are made. We can supply you with label samples. Contact your sales representative for details!

Can water be shipped?

We can direct deliver on one of our fleet trucks within our delivery area. We also use several other carriers and UPS to deliver product outside of our delivery area and anywhere within the continental U.S.

What size do the bottles come in?/ How many in a case?

16.9 oz. bottles/ 24 per case

20 oz. bottles/ 24 per case

1 Gallon/ 6 per case

How should water be stored?

In a cool dry place; away from fumes, onions, paints, and anything toxic.

What is Ozonation?

Ozonation is a method of sanitizing water by using ozone, which is made by forcing compressed air through a high voltage arc in the water.

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Nutritional Information

Typical Water Analysis

Water Analysis table

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 8 FL. Oz. (240 mL)
Servings per container 2
Calories 0
  Fat Calories 0

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 3mg 0%
Calcium 41 mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Sugars 0g  
Protein 0g  

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