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All major and minor truck/trailer repairs, tires, 

welding, thermo king, & carrier refrigeration.

(24/7 Road Service)

Tractor & Trailer Service

Tractor Service
$150 plus parts
59 Point Inspection

Trailer Service
$120 plus parts
24 Point Inspection

Refrigerated Trailer Reefer
$150 plus parts
24 Point Inspection

Truck Wash $40

Trailer Wash $50

Trailer Wash Inside
(Base Price $55) 


PLEASE NOTE:  Any parts needed other than regular service parts will be an additional $85/hr. to the service price.

(Brakes, Engine Repairs, Overhaul, Transmissions, 

Welding, Tires, & Tune Ups)

Call TODAY for an appointment:

Jeff Harman, Shop Manager
(540) 975-4022 (24/7)
(540) 984-8066 / (800) 723-6637