Barbecue Pit Header

Our BBQ pit is built to state approved specifications to offer clubs and organizations a sanitary facility in which to produce and sell barbeque chicken in order to raise money for their group.

Your cost will be $3.00 per half.  You will make $1.00 per half using Wholesome Foods pit manager and several club members selling halves at the suggested price of $4.00 per half.

Barbecue Pit Information 

  • Barbeque in progressMust purchase chicken, charcoal, and BBQ sauce from Wholesome Foods. If not selling at our pit, must purchase chicken and charcoal.
  • BBQ pit will handle a maximum of 825 halves.
  • Must use Wholesome Foods pit manager to oversee operations.  If you do not sell at our pit, you can provide your own pit manager.  Call for details. 
  • Must sell some of the chicken at our pit.
  • Price will be advertised at $4.00 per half unless notified otherwise.
  • Wholesome Foods will help by advertising your BBQ in our weekly store advertisement in the Wednesday Northern Virginia Daily, at no charge.
  • We will put up a banner on the Monday before your BBQ to alert the public that there will be a BBQ the following Saturday.
  • Organization using the pit are responsible for leaving the pit area clean. All trash needs to be removed, empty coolers must be washed, and tables cleaned. 
  • Chicken will be racked and stored on a refrigerated trailer prior to the BBQ.  After the completion of the BBQ, we require racks to be put back on the trailer in the stainless tank.  
  • Our pit has been built to exact health department specifications and is acceptable to both state and county health departments in order to have a BBQ.
  • You will need about 1 gallon of BBQ sauce  per each 40 halves of chicken. This sauce is a blend of vinegar, tomato sauce and oil with many spices for a very unique flavor.
  • You will need about 1 (40lb.) bag of charcoal per each 50 halves of chicken. 
  • You will need to bring heavy or insulated gloves to handle hot chicken and we will provide bags to put chicken in when it is sold.
  • You will need to bring a hammer to put the BBQ signs in the ground.  We recommend one sign out front next to our store signage and one at each end of South Ox Road.  
  • Please sell the product out of the service window and keep general public away from the pit area.

Extra Money Making Ideas - Call for Details

  1. Extra money making ideasCar Wash Areas Available
  2. Macaroni and Cole Slaw Sides
  3. Potato Chips
  4. Bake Sale
  5. Drinks -- Private Label and/or Virginia's Best water
  6. Yard Sale
  7. BBQ Sauce (pints)

BARBECUE PIT - Recommended Cooking Procedures & Check List

  1. Use 1 bag of charcoal per 50 halves and 1 gallon of sauce per 35 to 50 halves.
  2. Put coal in pit, pyramid each bag, add lighter fluid, light charcoal.
  3. Allow charcoal to burn 30 minutes until edges turn white, then spread coals out.
  4. Put chicken on pit.
  5. Start adding sauce to chicken very lightly after the first hour and a half of cooking. Be careful product is thick and will burn.
  6. Cook 2-1/2 to 3 hours until wings easily pull out of socket or the drumsticks easily twist off.
  7. Remove chicken from rack. Add sauce in layers - chicken then sauce - as it is put into the cooler. Let set in cooler for 45 minutes.
  8. Wrap chicken in foil, adding a good splash of BBQ sauce on each piece to enhance flavor. Put product back in cooler.  Any product transferred from the pit must be wrapped in foil and kept hot in coolers.

We would like to thank all our organizations for a successful 2017 BBQ season.

Please contact us in Feb 2018 to schedule again

Please call 800-723-6637 ext. 2 to schedule.