Private Water Label Proof and Logo Consent

The following will serve as an approval to proceed to the printing of the private water label designed for use in your order. Please take the time to verify that there are no spelling, typing, graphic, or content errors. If any errors are found please immediately contact your sales representative so that corrections can be made.

Receipt of this signed agreement assumes that the label is deemed printable as is and that any errors will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Therefore, it is very important that the label be proofed carefully before signing the consent.

This document will also serve as permission to use any logo or image given to our graphics department by you for use of making and distributing your private label bottled water.


(Signature Verifying Label Approval)

(Name of Company or Organization)

Wholesome Foods, Inc.
986 South Ox Road
Edinburg, Va. 22824
Phone: (540) 984-8219
(800) 72- Foods
Fax: (540) 984-9337